Wood dye 450ml
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Wood dye 450ml

Wood dye 450ml is ideal for restoring or copying antique furniture. It contains UV resistant natural colourant.

Wood dye 450ml is for interior and exterior use on all untreated or stripped wood.

Also available in 225ml can and 950ml can.


No recovery marks, UV resistant


Furniture, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?


      1. Apply the Wood dye liberally and evenly using a Polishing cotton or a paintbrush.
        Wipe over the Wood dye with a Polishing cotton before it dries so as to obtain an even colour.
      2. If colour is missing from one area, or for repairs, apply the dye liberally to the area to be matched up and then wipe over.
      3. Allow to dry for 30 min., then rub down the surface using 0000 steel wool.

      The cabinetmaker's advice

      Wood dye  is perfectly suited to outdoor use. You just need to protect the wood with varnish or stain.

      • Polishing cotton

      • Steel wool n°0000

      • Water

      • Drying