Buffing wax 300ml
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Buffing wax 300ml

Buffing wax 300ml gives a high shine to all interior furniture and woodwork.

Buffing wax 300ml beeswax and Candelilla wax base nourishes the wood

Its natural and UV resistant colourants enable the original finish to be restored.

Also available in 5L can.


Contains beeswas, UV resistant


Furniture, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?


      1. Apply a 1st coat of Buffing wax with polishing cotton or with a paintbrush.
      2. DO NOT leave to dry. Apply a second coat.
      3. Leave to dry ± 30min then polish to a shine with a soft rag, or for a deeper shine, with a Polishing brush.

      The cabinetmaker's advice

      Use Sprayshine for daily maintenance and one application of Buffing wax every 6 months : you will keep your furniture beautiful for your all life!

      • White spirit

      • Paintbrush

      • Polishing cotton

      • Drying