Wood sealer 450ml
Fond dur meuble – console
Wood sealer 450ml blocks the pores of the wood and make the surface impermeable to water and stains.

Wood sealer 450ml can be used on wood surfaces which are in contact with water and household products, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

Once your furniture well protected, give it a nice shine with Buffing wax!


Colourless, Prevents from stains, Protects


Furniture, Woodwork

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      Comment l'utiliser et l'appliquer ?


      1. Apply an initial coat of Wood Sealer evenly using a brush, in the direction of the grain. Smooth the surface to avoid an uneven texture.
      2. Leave to dry for ±1h., then sand lightly with 0000 steel wool. If any whitish patches appear, it is because some wax has remained in the wood. Sand the white patches following the grain using fine sandpaper.
      3. Remove the dust and apply Wood Sealer to the area to obtain a smooth surface.
      4. Leave to dry for ±1h., then sand lightly with 0000 steel wool.
      5. Remove the dust and apply a second coat of Wood Sealer.


      Le conseil de l'ébéniste

      Deeply clean your wood before you apply Wood sealer, paying particular attention to remove any trace of wax using Wax remover.

      • Paintbrush

      • Steel wool n°0000

      • Water

      • Drying